Davide VITTORI  – Who, if any, tolerates major democratic norms’ break?

Lundi 19 Février 2024
Laboratoire ETHICS 7446, 14 boulevard Vauban, Lille

Davide Vittori is a postdoctoral researcher at Université Libre de Bruxelles and adjunct professor at the University of Antwerp. He was previously post-doc at LUISS University (Rome). He works mainly on process preferences, political parties, populism and voting behavior. His works were published by Political Behavior, Comparative European Politics, European Journal of Political Research, Government & Opposition, Electoral Studies, South European Politics and Societies and others.


Tolerance toward democratic norms’ breaches has become a critical issue in experimental political science. This survey (and the survey experiment included in it) aims to expand our understanding of this phenomenon by examining the nuances of citizen tolerance for democratic misconduct. The experiment will incorporate major and minor democratic breaches, partisanship and policy-related treatments to assess the extent to which citizens are willing to excuse democratic transgressions. Via sub-group analysis, the survey will explore the influence of party sympathy/antipathy and of political authoritarianism/authoritarian attitudes on the acceptance of democratic norms’ breaches. By broadening the scope of analysis beyond the US context and considering a wider range of democratic breaches, this study seeks to provide a more comprehensive understanding of the factors that shape citizen attitudes towards democratic processes.

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