Angela SUTAN – The man who saw the (end of) the world: is AR a credible tool to enhance pro-environmental behavior?

Jeudi 07 Décembre 2023
ETHICS, 14 boulevard Vauban, Lille

Angela Sutan

Angela is a (HDR) Senior Professor in Behavioral and Experimental Economics at the Economics and Social Sciences Department (Burgundy School of Business). She writes academic papers in Management Science, Ecological Economics, Games and Economic Behavior… and she obtained several national and international research grants. She is very active in the media (The Conversation, Le Monde, etc…) as a column writer, debate contributor, interviews at the radio and television etc., in science popularization, in pedagogical innovation, and she is involved in public and private research sponsored projects. In 2008, she created the LESSAC (first experimental lab in a business school in France, now the biggest team – 21 people – of tenured experimentalists in France) on a regional council subsidy. She was part of the Ministry of Research Exhibition « 145 women talk about science » and she coordinated the Big Experiment (la Grande Experience Participative) for the Researchers’ Night. She is also the Director of the MSc in Data Science and Organizational Behavior at BSB, which she created in 2018 in partnership with PWC Luxembourg. She is an associate editor for the Journal of Experimental and Behavioral Economics, secretary of the ASFEE and a member of member of the Scientific Committee of the European PhD in socio-economic and statistical studies at La Sapienza, Rome. 


Our team run an experiment on recyclying and incineration decisions based on a public good game design, in which administrators in change of the incinerator can give feedback to participants on their provisional choices. To do so, they have access to AR or static technologies that allow them to visualize group decisions.

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